Trinaid of Ripples

seen and unseen

The first waters dubbed Brighid, there embodied Dragonfae

arrived I at.

Thanks given,

got me through

and took my transformation,

novena and beyond,

the sigil …

… Clarity, truth, peace

and her happiness.

Cast the first coin,

ripples of my doing

reach the far shore

of a well transformed.

Laps up to the feet

of Brighid and the new Being.

Took me west,

green pierced

by the arrow of my heart.

Beyond a crescent moon.

Beyond, a second well.

See there a Christ

on his path of sacrifice and toil.

He a son, of three.

Still, in me, one, all I need

and given of my hand, this day,

inner image, my Divine Child.

Drop with intent that second piece

ripples of my doing

travel back to me.

From the edge of standing,

that I be well transformed.

Carry to me waters of the heart.

And now gently I sat

in the sunlit world,

but in the healing pool too.

Where I joined my third offering,

and it sent out a wish.

A wish I never imagined I had,

in this time.

The loving gaze,

a young mother

of earth, waters, fire

heavens above, valleys below.

And that between us, melts.

All that has passed,

cleansed in each, our prayers.

All my happy day now,

that will be carried, surely,

atop that third and final ripple.

Out again from me

to those feet,

standing, wave,

but a little way to go.