Poetry anthologies - forthcoming.

This is me and how I view my creative vocation:

I wish to explore the exquisite balance to be found from a meditative photography, aligned to a poetry of fewer words. These are my core themes: exploration, universal connectedness, revealed through landscapes / skyscapes / seascapes. To meet the gift of introspection that is our gaze, into the macro, nano, fractal. To savour the wild and cultivated world, out there and within us. And all this, nature, expressed physically, minimally and powerfully and  with humility.

As a further brief eye opener to my creative vision, inspirations and their manifestation, through my work, please allow me to share with you a few short extracts. 

These are from the anthology introductions. Thank you, once again, for your kind attention and I hope, support.

A third anthology, albeit not formally compiled yet, has the provisional title ‘Rock, paper, scissors - fire!’.


' Trinty '
"Relationships, are they not, when we contemplate, feel and live them, just a perfect reflection of all nature? That is to say, at once complex, but when it comes to it, brutally and yet, exquisitely simple; perhaps as in ‘ You,Swan, Waves ‘? Certainly I’m often trying, perhaps striving too hard - to feel my way into this big question, if not the answer.

There seems a universal message, beyond the mere singular events, that inspires individual poems and the creative flow in me. She, for indeed that is how nature imbued hope, manifests; gently bids me feel the quiet, yet utterly tangible knowing, emanating from her loving nature, e.g. ‘ Rippling Emerald Waters ‘. This precious entity, call it also love if you will, is held in trust, by something greater - perhaps read ‘ The Young Life: a Prayer ‘. It is far more expansive and diffuse, than my immediate personalised, egoistic standpoint.

' Seasoned in Change '
" Nature is very often the substantive subject matter of my poetry . The stimuli for a specific poem might be relationships, other life challenge e.g. ‘ The going out into the world ‘ , even so, the writing nearly always ends on a note of hope, imbued by nature's indomitable life force. A key question is, what can I and you my dear reader, learn, particularly if we allow ourselves to be ‘ seasoned ‘ in the rhythm and message of her seasons?
Here is a fervent and fecund hope, even a prayer; what little scratchings do escape onto paper, that they somehow give reverence, to the tree and its gift."

More, much more, to follow . . . Thank you, all.