All our Steps into the Wild


Some make strides forward

all at once, gain their gait.

Others stand erect, or crouch

for that position,

stance, held now.

In what we have together

in common, is not extinguished

by the death of any one,

but carried forward,

so aloft, your brave hearts.

Us, as those

hunting prides immemorial,

are often found,

freedom tracking

in loose formation.

Some have masks, others shields,

many both,

some apparently, none.

All are good, have their time,

choice, chosen portion.

Yet know Lion, your place

now is painted,

shaped by you alone.

upon stamping grounds

and happy hunting trails.

Recognise them, as us,

hearken to the call

as you step

forward stealthily or leap,

as is your way.

For be that formation,

your part, warrior.

Not cast out,

nor always seen,

near cloaked.

Be you always able, more than able

to call wise ones,

them knowing,

instinct, being Lion,

love, feasting, play.